N95 Face Mask



Soft Grip Fits Face

Soft and comfortable, suitable for wearing for a long time without fatigue.

✅ Electrostatic Charged Microfiber

It brings ease in breathing and can be worn for long hours with zero breathlessness.

Concealed Nose Grip

Adjustable nose grip inside the covering brings ease in wearing.

Ultrasonically Welded Elastic Bands

For better firm and smooth grip.


Antibacterial, Antiviral, Antifungal & Antiprotozoan.

MFE (Microbial Filteration Efficiency)>95%


More About N95 Face Mask

Protect yourself & your community from COVID-19 & other diseases by wearing 5 layers all-around protection face mask. Supreme quality N95 Face Mask made with high-quality nonwoven fabric approved & certified by SITRA (The South India Textile Research Association)


How To Use

How to Use N95 Face Mask

(1) Place the mask over your face with my metallic strip side facing outward and upwards, position both the elastic bands behind your ears. (2) Cover till your lowers chin. (3) After you have looped the elastics bands behind your ears you may adjust to your it to your comfort (4) Use the finger of both your hands to mold or pinch the metallic strip to the shape of your nose (Pressing them inward)

Certificates & Approval

N95 Face Mask Certificates

Available N95 Face Mask Types

Cat No. Product Name Standard Spun Bond Melt Blown Hot Air Cotton Melt Blown Spun Bond Pack Size
FMN-01 Class 1 GSM 25 20 50 20 40 25 Pcs
FMN-02 Class 2 GSM 25 25 50 20 40 25 Pcs
FMN-03 Class 3 GSM 25 25 50 25 40 25 Pcs


N95 Face Mask Puck & Box Size

Weight 0.0238 g
Dimensions 18 × 15 × 14 cm


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