Dengue Ns1 Rapid test kit



Number of Reactions(Preps)/Kit
1 Test / Kit
For in Vitro Diagnostic Use Only
Test Type
Dengue NS1
Pack Size
5, 10 Test
 Here are some key points regarding the Dengue NS1 rapid test kit:
1.) Purpose: The test kit used for the rapid detection of the NS1 antigen, which is a viral protein produced by the dengue virus during the early stages of infection. Detecting NS1 antigen helps in the early diagnosis of dengue infections, allowing for timely medical intervention.
2.) Test Procedure: The test kit includes individual test cassettes or strips, sample diluent, and instructions for use. A small amount of the patient’s blood, usually obtained through a finger prick, mixed with the sample diluent provided. The diluted blood sample is then added to the sample well of the test cassette or strip. The test results observed within a specific time frame, usually ranging from 10 to 20 minutes.
3.) Interpretation of Results: The Dengue NS1 rapid test kit provides visual results that indicated by the appearance or absence of colored lines on the test cassette or strip. The presence of a test line, along with the control line, indicates a positive result, suggesting the presence of the NS1 antigen and the likelihood of a dengue infection. A negative result indicated by the presence of only the control line.  
4.) Limitations: While the Dengue NS1 rapid test kit is a useful tool for early detection of dengue infections, it does have some limitations. False-positive or false-negative results can occur, and the sensitivity and specificity of the test may vary depending on the specific kit used. Confirmation of dengue infections through more laboratory tests, such as polymerase chain reaction (PCR) or antibody testing, may be necessary.
5.) Professional Interpretation: It recommended that the test results interpreted and confirmed by a healthcare professional or a laboratory expert. They can take into account the patient’s symptoms, medical history, and additional laboratory tests to provide an accurate diagnosis.
It’s important to note that the specific details and instructions for the Dengue NS1 rapid test kit may vary depending on the manufacturer. Following the instructions provided with the specific kit is essential for accurate and reliable results.

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05 Pack, 10 Pack


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