Urisign 4p Glucose, Protein, Ketone,pH



Number of Reactions(Preps)/Kit
1 strip / Test
Recombigen- Urisign
Country of Origin
Made in India
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The Urisign 4p is a diagnostic test strip used to analyze urine for the presence of glucose, protein, ketones, and pH. It is a multiparameter urine test strip that provides information about various aspects of urinary health.

Here’s a breakdown of what each parameter measures:

  1. Glucose: This parameter detects the presence of glucose (sugar) in the urine. High levels of glucose may indicate diabetes or other conditions affecting blood sugar control.
  2. Protein: Protein in the urine can be an early sign of kidney damage or dysfunction. It is used to screen for conditions such as kidney disease, urinary tract infections, or other renal disorders.
  3. Ketones: Ketones are produced when the body breaks down fat for energy instead of carbohydrates. Elevated ketone levels in the urine may indicate a state of ketosis, which can occur in conditions such as uncontrolled diabetes or during periods of fasting.
  4. pH: pH measures the acidity or alkalinity of the urine. Normal urine pH ranges from acidic to slightly alkaline. Abnormal pH levels may indicate certain conditions or be influenced by factors like diet or medications.

The Urisign 4p test strips are typically used in clinical settings, such as healthcare facilities or laboratories, to assess and monitor urinary health. The test results can provide valuable information to healthcare professionals in diagnosing and managing various conditions.

Please note that while the information provided here is based on general knowledge, specific instructions or interpretations of the Urisign 4p test results should be obtained from a healthcare professional or the manufacturer’s guidelines for accurate and reliable information


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