3 Ply Face Mask



✔ Anti Pollution

✔ Filter out Dust, Germs, Smoke, etc

✔ Comfortable & Soft Grip

✔ Cost-Effective

50 Pease in one box

3 Ply Face Mask (Surgical & Non-Surgical) Protect yourself and your loved ones with a surgical 3-ply face mask. Prevent and filter out dust, germs, smoke, pollen, etc by wearing this mask.

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Prevent Germs

✅ Protective Mask

✅ Maximum Filtration

✅ Great Breathability

✅ Fluid Resistance

✅ 100% Free of Fiber Glass

✅ Non-Sterile

✅ Splash Resistant

✅ With Super Comfort

✅ Single-Use Only

✅ Don’t Wash

✅ Store Product in a Cool & Dry Place

✅ Ear Mount

This box contains 50 pieces of 3 ply face mask with Nose pin support. Buy as per your requirement for your commercial or home use. For Bulk order, you can 

Surgical Mask/3 Ply Face Mask
Weight416 Grams
ColourSky Blue
Non-Woven Fabric
Net Quantity
50 Pieces / 100 Pieces
Country of OriginIndia
Care Instructions
Don’t Wash, Single Use Only

Surgical Mask 

Cat No.Product NameStandardSpun BondMelt BlownSpun BondPack Size
FMS-001Class 1 (3 Ply)GSM25202550/100 Pcs
FMS-002Class 2 (3 Ply)GSM20202050/100 Pcs

Surgical Mask” 

Cat No.Product NameStandardSpun BondSpun BondSpun BondPack Size
FNS-01Class 1 (3 Ply)GSM30203050/100 Pcs
FNS-02Class 2 (3 Ply)GSM20202050/100 Pcs


To assist shield the wearer and others from the spread of infectious diseases and airborne particles, a 3-ply medical face mask is a form of disposable face mask that is frequently used in hospital settings. The three layers of material that make up the mask are referred to as the “3-ply”:

Outer layer: This layer acts as a barrier against liquids and particles and is normally constructed of non-woven fabric.

Its purpose is to efficiently filter out germs, viruses, and other microscopic particles. The middle layer is also referred to as the filter layer. This layer frequently contains melt-blown fabric.

The number of layers of material used in the creation of 3-ply and 2-ply masks is the primary distinction between the two types of masks. The significant differences are broken down as follows.

Three layers of material make up a three-ply mask. the inner layer is often constructed of soft, non-irritating material for comfort, the middle layer functions as a filter to capture bacteria and particles, and the outer layer acts as a barrier against fluids and particles.

2-ply mask: In contrast, a 2-ply mask is made up of just two layers of cloth. It lacks the third, filtration-related middle layer present in a three-ply mask.

Compared to 2-ply masks, 3-ply masks have better filtration abilities due to the addition of a third layer. This extra layer contributes to the mask’s improved ability to filter out bacteria, viruses, and other tiny particles. Consequently, 3-ply masks are typically thought of as

Weight 0.0132 g
Dimensions 10 × 8 × 6 cm

50 PCS, 100 PCS


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