Urine Container ETO-Sterilized



Packaging Type
100 pcs of 30 ML Urine Container
Volume 50ml
Brand Recombigen
Capacity 50ml
Country of Origin Made in India
Packaging Size
10,50,100 piece
Material Plastic

An ETO-sterilized urine container refers to a container that is sterilized using ethylene oxide (ETO) gas. Ethylene oxide is a commonly used sterilization method for medical devices and equipment that are sensitive to heat and moisture.

In the case of a urine container, ETO sterilization ensures that the container is free from microorganisms, including bacteria, viruses, and fungi, which could contaminate the urine sample. This sterilization method is particularly useful when dealing with disposable or single-use containers that cannot withstand high temperatures or moisture associated with other sterilization techniques such as autoclaving.

During the ETO sterilization process, the urine containers are placed in a sealed chamber and exposed to ethylene oxide gas. The gas penetrates the container and kills any microorganisms present. After a specified period, the gas is removed, and the containers are aerated to eliminate any residual gas. This process effectively sterilizes the containers while maintaining their integrity and functionality.

It’s important to note that ETO sterilization requires appropriate ventilation and safety precautions due to the potential health risks associated with the gas. The containers should undergo proper validation and quality control processes to ensure they meet the required sterility standards before being used for urine collection and analysis.

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30ml, 50ml


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