Microscope Cover Slips 18mm x 18mm



Brand Name Clear & Sure
Number of Items 1 Box
Part Number ‎Frosted Slide and Cover Glass
Size 18*18MM


Clear & Sure Frosted Microscope Glass Slide and Microscope Cover Slips are commonly used in microscopy for preparing and examining samples under a microscope. Here’s a brief description of each:

  1. Clear & Sure Frosted Microscope Glass Slide (25.4×76.2mm): This is a standard glass slide used for mounting and observing specimens under a microscope. The dimensions of 25.4×76.2mm (1×3 inches) are the typical size for microscope slides. The frosted surface on one end of the slide allows for labeling and identification of the sample. The frosted area is often used for writing notes, specimen names, or any other relevant information using a permanent marker.
  2. Microscope Cover Slips (18mm x 18mm): Cover slips are thin, transparent pieces of glass or plastic that are placed over the specimen on the microscope slide. They protect the specimen from damage and help maintain a flat surface for viewing. Cover slips are typically square or rectangular in shape, with dimensions such as 18mm x 18mm or 22mm x 22mm, but they can come in various sizes depending on the application.

When preparing a sample for microscopy, the specimen is placed on a microscope slide using a mounting medium or a stain if necessary. A cover slip is then carefully positioned over the specimen to create a flat, protected surface. This arrangement allows for optimal focusing and visualization of the sample under the microscope.

Both Clear & Sure Frosted Microscope Glass Slides and Microscope Cover Slips are widely available in scientific supply stores, online retailers, and microscopy-related suppliers.


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