Syphilis Strip 100T



ICMR Approved Yes
Brand Recombigen
Number of Reactions(Preps)/Kit 100T
Result Time (Rapid Kits) 10-20 minutes
Country of Origin Made in India

Merchandise Description
The Biopanda Syphilis Rapid test aids in the diagnosis of syphilis by qualitatively detecting the presence of IgG and IgM Treponema Pallidum (TP) antibodies in samples of whole blood, serum, or plasma.

Whole blood, serum, or plasma samples may be utilised for testing, with results being available in about five minutes.
Simple to use
Visual results are available.
Analyzer not necessary
Efficacious technique to aid in the diagnosis of syphilis infections

Test Process

Before testing, make sure the sample and test kits are at room temperature.

Remove the cassette from the foil-wrapped pouch by opening it. The cassette should be put on a smooth, clean surface. Test right away after opening.

Transfer 1 drop of the serum or plasma or 2 drops of the whole blood samples to the sample well on the cassette using the provided dropper, then add 1 drop of the buffer.

Read the results at minute five.

Results obtained more than 20 minutes later are deemed invalid. Following testing, carefully dispose of the cassette.


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