Recomigen Iodine Salt Test Kit Pack Of 2 Pcs



Usage/Application Iodine Salt test kit
Brand Clear response
Test Time 2 minutes
Sample Volume 1 spoon
ML Size 5*4 = 20 Ml in 1 Box

The Iodine Salt Test Kit is a reliable and essential tool for quality control and regulatory compliance in the production and distribution of iodized salt. This comprehensive kit allows for the swift and accurate determination of iodine levels in salt, ensuring that the iodization process meets the required standards for public health.

Key Features:

  1. Precision Testing: The kit provides precise and consistent results, allowing you to verify iodine content with confidence.
  2. Simple Procedure: Easy-to-follow instructions make it accessible for both professionals and non-experts, facilitating routine quality checks.
  3. Rapid Results: Obtain iodine concentration results quickly, enabling timely adjustments to the iodization process.
  4. Reliable Indicators: Utilizes proven chemical indicators or reagents to detect iodine presence, ensuring accuracy.
  5. Quantitative and Qualitative: Offers both quantitative measurements for precise iodine levels and qualitative assessments for quick pass/fail evaluations.
  6. Wide Application: Suitable for use in salt production facilities, food inspection agencies, and health organizations to confirm compliance with iodine fortification regulations.
  7. Compact and Portable: Designed for ease of use in various settings, with a compact form factor for convenient transportation.

The Iodine Salt Test Kit plays a crucial role in fortifying salt with iodine, a critical step in addressing iodine deficiency disorders and promoting public health. Ensure the iodine content of salt products meets the required standards and safeguards the well-being of consumers with this dependable testing solution.

Pack size

2 box, 5 Box, 10 box


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