Clear & Sure 3 Layer Face Mask



Brand Clear & Sure
Colour Sky Blue
Nonwoven Fabric
Age Range (Description) 18+ Years
Quantity 10 Pieces

The “Clear & Sure 3 Layer Face Mask” is a type of face mask that consists of three layers of material. While the specific features and materials used can vary depending on the manufacturer, the general purpose of a 3-layer face mask is to provide enhanced filtration and protection compared to single or double-layer masks.

Typically, a 3-layer face mask is designed with the following layers:

  1. Outer Layer: The outermost layer is often made of a non-woven material like polypropylene. This layer helps repel fluids and provides a barrier against droplets, preventing them from entering or exiting the mask easily.
  2. Middle Layer: The middle layer is commonly a filter layer that is designed to capture smaller particles, including respiratory droplets and other airborne contaminants. It may be made of melt-blown fabric, which has electrostatic properties that help trap particles.
  3. Inner Layer: The inner layer, in contact with the wearer’s face, is typically made of a soft and comfortable material like cotton or a blend of cotton and polyester. It helps absorb moisture and provides a comfortable fit.

The Clear & Sure 3 Layer Face Mask may have specific design features or additional elements to enhance comfort, breathability, or filtration efficiency. It is important to note that the effectiveness of any face mask, including the Clear & Sure 3 Layer Face Mask, relies on proper usage, including a secure fit that covers the nose, mouth, and chin, and adherence to recommended guidelines for wearing and disposal.

When considering a face mask, it is advisable to look for masks that meet recognized standards, such as ASTM (American Society for Testing and Materials) or EN (European Standard) certifications. These certifications indicate that the mask has been tested for filtration efficiency and other performance criteria.


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