Micropipette Variable 5-50µL



Volume Range
0.5 – 10 microlitre
Chemical Laboratory
Borosilicate Glass
Volume Increment
0.01 microlitre
Number of Channels

A variable micropipette with a range of 5-50µL refers to a pipette that can accurately measure and dispense volumes ranging from 5 to 50 microliters. Micropipettes are widely used in laboratories for precise liquid handling in various applications such as molecular biology, biochemistry, and analytical chemistry.

The 5-50µL micropipette is adjustable within the specified range, allowing the user to set the desired volume within that range. It typically has a volume adjustment mechanism, such as a dial or plunger, which can be adjusted to the desired volume setting.

To use a variable micropipette, the user typically sets the desired volume on the adjustment mechanism, attaches the appropriate disposable pipette tip to the pipette, immerses the tip into the liquid sample, and depresses the plunger to aspirate the desired volume. The liquid can then be accurately dispensed by depressing the plunger to the first stop and releasing it while the tip is in the desired location.

Accuracy and precision are critical when working with microliter volumes, so it is essential to calibrate and maintain the micropipette according to the manufacturer’s instructions. Additionally, using appropriate pipette tips, handling the pipette with care, and following proper technique are important to ensure accurate and reproducible results.

It’s worth noting that the specified range (5-50µL) refers to the maximum and minimum volumes that the micropipette can handle accurately. It may also have intermediate volume settings within that range, allowing for more precise volume selection.

Weight 0.0165 g
Dimensions 26 × 7 × 5 cm


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