Recombigen Yellow Micro Pipette Tips 2-200 uL



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Yellow micro pipette tips designed for 2-200 uL pipettes are commonly used in laboratories for precise liquid handling. These tips are color-coded for easy identification and are typically made from high-quality, autoclavable materials to ensure accuracy and cleanliness in various scientific and research applications.

Here are some key features and uses of these yellow micro pipette tips:

  1. Volume Range: These tips are compatible with pipettes that have a volume range of 2-200 microliters (uL). They allow researchers to accurately dispense small liquid volumes, making them suitable for tasks like PCR, qPCR, DNA sequencing, and sample preparation.
  2. Color-Coding: The yellow color-coding helps users quickly identify the appropriate tip size for their pipette, reducing the risk of using the wrong tip size.
  3. Universal Fit: Yellow micro pipette tips are designed to have a universal fit with a wide range of pipette brands and models, ensuring compatibility and ease of use in different laboratories.
  4. Graduations: Many pipette tips have graduations or markings on the sides to help users visually confirm the liquid volume being aspirated or dispensed.
  5. Sterile Options: Depending on the specific application, sterile versions of these tips may be available to prevent contamination of sensitive samples.
  6. Disposable: In most cases, these tips are disposable, which helps prevent cross-contamination between samples and eliminates the need for extensive cleaning and sterilization



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