Clear & Sure Centrifuge Tube (Non- Sterilized

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Usage/Application HOSPITAL
Brand Recombigen
Capacity 15 ML, 50 ML
Cap Screw Cap
15ML (100pcs ), 50ML (50pcs)

A centrifuge tube labeled as “non-sterilized” means that it has not undergone a specific sterilization process to eliminate microorganisms or contaminants. These tubes are typically sold in a non-sterile state and may contain some level of microorganisms or particulate matter.

Non-sterilized centrifuge tubes are commonly used in laboratory settings when sterilization is not a critical requirement or when the user intends to sterilize the tubes themselves before use. Researchers often sterilize these tubes using methods such as autoclaving, dry heat, chemical disinfection, or filtration, depending on the specific requirements of their experiment or application.

It’s important to note that if sterile conditions are necessary for your experiment, using non-sterilized centrifuge tubes might introduce unwanted contamination. In such cases, it is recommended to use pre-sterilized centrifuge tubes or sterilize the tubes using appropriate methods before use to ensure aseptic conditions.


15ML, 50 ML

3 reviews for Clear & Sure Centrifuge Tube (Non- Sterilized

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    I recently purchased the sterilized centrifuge tubes for my laboratory experiments, and I am thrilled with the quality and convenience they offer.

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