Test Tube Rack D18

Laboratory test tube stand or rack from HOMEOTRADE 3 TIER, 50 HOLE, 16 MM, 1 PIECE This item is a polycarbonate test tube stand or rack. It features 16mm, 50mm holes and comes in 5 distinct colours. This packet consists of 1 test tube stand or rack made of polycarbonate. The package includes one component that is appropriate for 16 mm thick test tubes and 50 holes that are also appropriate. The HIGH-QUALITY POLYCARBONATE HOMEOTRADE TEST TUBE STAND OR RACK is made to allow the most liquid flow. To keep your lab looking its best, the design is available in many colours.

The rack is made up of strong and durable material which will hold the tube securely.

  • This test tube rack keeps your tubes organized, safe, and easy to reach. You can put them on the stand or organize them where you like if they’re not too tight or bulky. It is perfect for applications needing a lot of tubes, such as cosmetics testing and other laboratory tests. The main features are: This packet contains 1 test tube stand. Each pack contains 1 piece, the test tube rack has 50 holes and is suitable for 16mm thickness test tubes. These test tube stands are perfect for carrying out various experiments in your laboratory. This packet contains one test tube stand, the test tube holder has 50 holes and is suitable for 16mm thickness test tubes. This will make it easier to organize your storage area and keep your used test tubes in order. The pack contains 1 piece, the test tube stand has 50 holes and is suitable for 16mm thickness test tubes.

Different-sized test tube racks are available to hold varying numbers and sizes of test tubes. Depending on the maker and the intended usage, a test tube rack’s exact dimensions can change. However, the dimensions of the most widely used test tube racks often fall within the following ranges:
Test tube racks can be any width between 10 and 30 centimetres, or between 4 and 12 inches, respectively.
Test tube racks can range in length from around 20 centimetres (8 inches) to 40 centimetres (16 inches) or longer.

Depending on its particular use and the kinds of materials it is intended to contain, a lab rack’s size can change. To fit different laboratory tools and containers, lab racks come in a range of sizes. Here are some typical lab rack sizes:

Microcentrifuge Tube Rack: The standard dimensions of a microcentrifuge tube rack are 10 centimeters (4 inches) in length, 5 centimeters (2 inches) in width, and 5 centimeters (2 inches) in height. They are made to store and arrange the tiny tubes used in microcentrifuges.

The number of test tubes a test tube rack can hold or its dimensions are often used to determine how big it is.

Test tube capacity: Test tube racks are frequently categorised or labelled according to the number of tubes they can hold. For instance, a test tube rack with 12 holes may hold 12 tubes, while one with 24 holes can hold 24 tubes.

Test tube racks’ dimensions, including their length, width, and height, can also be determined. The length of the rack is its longest side, its width is its short side, and its height is its height measured from the bottom to the top. Most often, centimetres or inches are used to express these dimensions.

Weight 0.178 g
Dimensions 25 × 11 × 2 cm


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