Goggles Plastic Transparent


  • Multipurpose For Industrial, Lab And Hospital
  • Polycarbonate, light weight, chemical Resistant with impact resistant lens
  • Soft browbar for added comfort
  • Fits over prescription glasses easily and hold in place with stretchable elastic band
  • Suitable for laboratory, medical treatment, paint spraying, polishing etc
  • IMPROVED AIR CIRCULATION: The product’s design, which includes air vents and indirect porosity, improves internal air circulation and makes it more comfortable to wear.
  • DURABLE MATERIAL: The product is made of impact- and heat-resistant polycarbonate aerospace material, making it appropriate for high-risk applications.
  • HIGH-SPEED PARTICLE PROTECTION: Steel filings, sand, gravel, and other high-speed splashes can’t harm your eyes because the polycarbonate lenses can withstand them at 45 m/s.
  • Wear over prescription lenses, the product’s high-definition clear lenses aid retain visibility in challenging conditions. fulfils ANSI Z87.1
  • ANTI-FOG COATING: The product’s distinctive anti-fog coating successfully prevents the creation of water spray, ensuring clear vision while in use. Four one-way vents permit ventilation while preventing splashes from entering.
  • PROTECT AGAINST SPLASH: Four one-way vents provide ventilation while preventing splashes from entering and causing damage.


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