Clear & Sure Buckle Tourniquete Pack of 2



Usage/Application Hospital
Material Plastic
Color Multicolor
Packaging Type Flyer
Closure Type Buckle
Order Quantity 2 Pcs


A tourniquet buckle is a device used in medical settings or emergency situations to control severe bleeding by applying pressure to a limb. It is a crucial tool for stopping blood flow and preventing life-threatening hemorrhages.

The buckle itself is typically made of sturdy material such as plastic or metal and is designed to be durable and easily adjustable. It consists of a fastening mechanism that allows the tourniquet strap to be secured tightly around the limb.

When using a tourniquet buckle, the strap is wrapped around the injured limb above the site of the bleeding, and the buckle is used to secure the strap in place. By tightening the buckle, the strap compresses the blood vessels, reducing or stopping the flow of blood to the injured area.

It is important to use a tourniquet buckle properly and only in cases of severe bleeding that cannot be controlled by other means. Improper application or excessive pressure can cause damage to tissues and nerves. Therefore, it is recommended to receive proper training on tourniquet usage and follow established guidelines and protocols.

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