Micropipette Tips with filter



Size 1000ul, 10ul, 200ul
Color White
Pack Size 1000PCS | 500 Pcs

Micropipette tips with filters are specialized pipette tips that include a built-in filter to prevent the contamination of the pipette and the sample during liquid aspiration and dispensing. These filters act as barriers to prevent aerosols, liquids, or potentially hazardous substances from entering the pipette, reducing the risk of cross-contamination between samples and protecting the pipette’s internal components.

Key features and benefits of micropipette tips with filters include:

  1. Aerosol Barrier: The filter in the tip prevents the liquid from reaching the pipette shaft, minimizing the risk of contamination and damage to the pipette.
  2. Enhanced Contamination Control: The filter acts as an additional layer of protection against sample carryover, making these tips suitable for sensitive applications such as PCR, DNA sequencing, and other molecular biology techniques.
  3. Reduced Risk of Pipette Damage: The filter helps prevent liquid from reaching the pipette’s internal components, reducing the risk of corrosion and mechanical damage.
  4. Low Retention: High-quality micropipette tips with filters have low liquid retention properties, ensuring accurate and consistent sample delivery.
  5. Wide Compatibility: These tips are available in various sizes and are compatible with different types and brands of micropipettes.
  6. Sterility Options: Some micropipette tips with filters are available in sterile versions, making them suitable for use in cleanroom environments or sensitive laboratory applications.

It is essential to use the appropriate micropipette tips with filters for specific pipette models to ensure a secure fit and optimal performance. Additionally, users should be mindful of the compatibility with the liquid being dispensed and the application’s specific requirements.

Remember to follow the manufacturer’s instructions for using and disposing of micropipette tips with filters to ensure accurate and reliable results while maintaining the integrity of the samples and the pipette.



10UL, 200UL, 1000UL


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