Haemometer Tube | RBC tube



Product Type Red Blood Diluting Pipette
Usage/Application Medical
Material Glass/Plastic
Size 5 inch
Volume 5 ml
Quantity 100pcs

What Is RCB Tube

The term “RBC Tube” is not a standard or widely recognized term in the medical field. It may refer to different things depending on the context. However, in general, the term “RBC tube” could be interpreted as a tube used for the collection, storage, or analysis of red blood cells (RBC).

There are various tubes and containers used in laboratories for handling and processing blood samples, including those specifically designed for isolating and analyzing different components of blood, such as RBCs. These tubes may contain specific anticoagulants or additives to preserve the integrity of the blood and its cellular components.

Commonly used tubes in the context of red blood cell analysis include:

1.EDTA tube: This tube contains ethylenediaminetetraacetic acid (EDTA), which acts as an anticoagulant to prevent blood from clotting. It is commonly used for complete blood count (CBC) tests, including RBC analysis.

2.Heparin tube: Heparin is another anticoagulant used in some blood collection tubes. It is typically used for tests that require plasma, but it can also be used for specific RBC-related analyses.

3.Serum tube: A serum tube does not contain any anticoagulant and is used for collecting blood samples to obtain serum, which is the liquid portion of the blood after coagulation. Serum can be used in various tests, including certain RBC-related tests.

It’s important to note that the specific type of tube used for RBC analysis may vary depending on the laboratory’s protocols, the intended tests, and the requirements of the specific analysis being performed. Therefore, it is best to consult with a healthcare professional or laboratory personnel to obtain accurate information about the appropriate tube to use for RBC analysis in a specific situation.


Two Type Of HemoGlobin Tube 
1. RCB Tube (  Red Blood Cell )
2. WBC ( White Blood Cell )

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