Swab Sticks Sterilized Wooden (in plastic tubes)



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Swab sticks sterilized wooden, typically packaged in plastic tubes, refer to wooden sticks that have been sterilized for use in various applications, such as medical procedures, laboratory work, or personal hygiene. These swab sticks are commonly used for sampling, applying or collecting substances, or cleaning specific areas.

Here are some key points about swab sticks sterilized wooden in plastic tubes:

  1. Material: The sticks are made of wood, usually birch or bamboo, which is a natural and biodegradable material.
  2. Sterilization: The swab sticks undergo a sterilization process to ensure they are free from microorganisms that could contaminate samples or cause infections. Common sterilization methods include gamma irradiation or ethylene oxide gas sterilization.
  3. Plastic Tubes: The wooden swab sticks are often packaged individually or in sets within plastic tubes. These tubes provide protection and maintain sterility until the swab sticks are ready for use. The plastic material used for the tubes is typically transparent or translucent, allowing visibility of the contents.
  4. Applications: Swab sticks sterilized wooden in plastic tubes find applications in various industries and settings. They are commonly used in medical and clinical environments for specimen collection, wound dressing, and sample application. They are also utilized in laboratories for research, diagnostic testing, and culture collection. Additionally, they can be employed for personal hygiene purposes, such as applying or removing ointments or creams.
  5. Disposal: As the wooden swab sticks are biodegradable, they can be disposed of in an environmentally friendly manner. It’s important to follow proper waste disposal guidelines to ensure they are discarded appropriately.

It’s worth noting that while wooden swab sticks are suitable for many applications, there may be specific situations where alternative materials, such as synthetic or plastic swabs, are preferred or recommended. The choice of swab material depends on factors like the intended use, compatibility with the sample or environment, and specific requirements set by the industry or healthcare guidelines.

  • Swab Sticks Sterilized Wooden (in plastic tubes)
  • Swab Sticks Sterilized Wooden 6 inch (in plastic tubes)
  • Product amount: comes with large quantities of cotton swabs, enough and sufficient for you to use, disposable cotton swabs for clean and health
  • Material: made of cotton and wood, sturdy cotton with less lint than regular swabs, wood stick of smooth surface, the cotton of tip is thickened and soft
  • Size details: each cotton stick is around 15 cm/ 6 inch in length, proper size for using, pocket size that suitable for carrying around and storing, useful tools for life emergencies
  • Extensive usages: versatile tools for cleaning, detailing, and drawing with paint, glue, also can be taken for model making, ceramic rocks, jewelry, fabric, and crafts, multi-functional tools


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