Cytobrush, Nylon Bristle



Color White
Bristle Material Nylon
Country of Origin Made in India
Quantity 100pcs

What Is Cytobrush, Nylon Bristle

A Cytobrush with nylon bristles is a medical device used for collecting cells from various surfaces in the body, typically during medical procedures or diagnostic tests. The device consists of a plastic handle and a cluster of fine nylon bristles at the tip.

The Cytobrush with nylon bristles is commonly used in gynecological examinations, specifically for obtaining cervical cell samples during a Pap smear. During the procedure, the healthcare provider gently inserts the Cytobrush into the vagina and brushes it against the cervix. The nylon bristles help to dislodge and collect cells from the surface of the cervix.

Once the cell sample is collected, it can be transferred onto a glass slide or placed in a container with a preservation solution. The collected cells are then sent to a laboratory for further examination under a microscope. This allows healthcare professionals to assess the presence of abnormal cells, infection, or other cellular changes that may indicate certain medical conditions, such as cervical cancer or sexually transmitted infections.

The use of a Cytobrush with nylon bristles ensures efficient and reliable cell collection, and the nylon bristles are specifically designed to be gentle on the tissue while still effectively capturing an adequate cell sample.

Weight 0.095 g
Dimensions 18 × 16 × 1 cm


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