Centrifuge Tube with Screw Cap

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Brand Recombigen
Capacity 15 ml
Packaging Size 100
Cap Screw Cap
Material Polypropylene
Tube Bottom Shape CONICAL


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A centrifuge tube with a screw cap is a type of tube commonly used in laboratory centrifugation processes. These tubes have a cylindrical shape and are equipped with a screw cap closure mechanism.

The screw cap provides a secure seal to prevent leakage or spillage of the contents during centrifugation or other handling procedures. The cap can be easily screwed on or off the tube, allowing for convenient and reliable sealing.

Centrifuge tubes with screw caps are available in various sizes and materials, such as plastic (e.g., polypropylene) or glass. The choice of material depends on the specific application and compatibility requirements with the substances being centrifuged.

These tubes are typically used for the separation and collection of various components in a sample based on their density or sedimentation characteristics. After centrifugation, the cap can be removed to access the separated components or to add reagents or other substances to the tube.

The screw caps also provide a protective barrier, preventing contamination from external sources and maintaining the integrity of the sample during storage or transport.

When working with centrifuge tubes with screw caps, it is important to ensure proper sealing and adherence to centrifugation speed and duration guidelines provided by the manufacturer to avoid any potential issues or hazards.

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