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Urisign 4P Strips To Screen Glucose, Protein, Ketone and pH Levels In Urine Packed In Airtight Bottle And Box Protection With Silica. Good Till Opened Kindly read the instructions properly before use, you should not keep the strip dipped in urine for more than 1/2 minute and afterwards you have to lay the strip on the table horizontally and ensure there is no much sample coming out of strips, you do have to takeout excess sample from the strip without touching it by tapping the strip on the container or on washbasin, use it carefully, this product is accredited and used by pathologists and rated no1 in the world.


1. Check the expiry date on the bottom of the container.
2. Use fresh urine not older than four hours. Mix well before testing, do not centrifuge.
3. Remove a test strip from the container and REPLACE THE CAP IMMEDIATELY
4. Briefly (no longer than one second) dip the entire test strip into the urine and remove immediately.
5. Blot one edge of the test strip on the absorbent tissue to remove excess urine.
6. Reading time for specific parameters are very much important for best results. Read Glucose & Bilirubin at 30 seconds after dipping; Ketone at 40 seconds. The pH and protein may be read immediately or at anytime up to 1 minute after dipping.


The test incorporates a pH indicator which changes colour in the presence of protein. Any green colour that develops is due to the presence of protein in the urine. The test is highly sensitive for albumin, and less sensitive to hemoglobin, globulin, and mucoprotein. Normal urine of high specific gravity may cause higher than normal readings, as well highly buffered urine, alkaline urine (pH>9), and urine containing residues of chlorhexidine or quartenary ammonium compounds.
Sensitivity : 10 mg/dl albumin Active reagent : Tetrabromophenol blue (1% w/w)


1. Store the test strip in the original container in a cool, dark place between 10º C and 30º C.
2. Never expose the product to directs sunlight, bright light, refrigeration or freezing.
3. Always ensure that the cap is promptly and tightly replaced after opening the container.
4. When the above conditions are adhered to, the product will be stable up to the expiry date, printed on the bottom of the container.


1. As with similar urine tests, this product is adversely affected by light and humidity. Exposure to these factors will decrease both shelf life and accuracy. Therefore the container must at all time be promptly and tightly closed with the desiccant filled cap to prevent premature reaction and damage to the test strips.
2. After dipping the test strip into a urine sample, blot the one side of the test strip on absorbent paper or tissue. This prevents running of reagents and dyes between test patches and ensures optimal performance.
3. In general, therapy should not be initiated based on the findings of a single result but rather in conjunction with a proper clinical assessment.
The product is intended for in vitro diagnostic use, and should not be used to analyse body fluids other than urine. Keep out of reach of children.





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