Urisign – 2p


  • Use fresh urine not older than four hours. Mix well before testing, do not centrifuge.
  • Remove a test strip from the container and REPLACE THE CAP IMMEDIATELY
  • Briefly (no longer than one second) dip the entire test strip into the urine and remove immediately.
  • Blot one edge of the test strip on the absorbent tissue to remove excess urine.
  • Reading time for specific parameters are very much important for best results. Read Glucose at 30 seconds after dipping. For Protein time is not critical, it may be read immediately or any time up to 1 minute after dipping.


Urine Test Strips Protein Glucose 2 parameters 100 sticks 100 Strips to screen glucose and protein levels in urine packed in airtight bottle and box protection with silica. good till opened, Fresh Stock, Expiry date: 1-2years Please read the user instructions properly before using this product to get proper results, not doing as per instructions will result in wrong reports


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