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Troponin -I Card


For the rapid qualitative determination of Cardiac troponin I (cTnl) in human serum and plasma as an aid in the diagnosis of myocardial infarction.


Troponin -I Card

The Troponin I Test Kit Rapid Test Device employs a solid-phase chromatographic immunoassay technology to qualitatively detect the elevation of Troponin I in human blood samples. When a sample of blood is dispensed into the sample well, red blood cells are removed by the built-in separation system. Troponin I in the specimen makes a complex with the specific dye conjugate and biotinylated anti-troponin I antibody. This complex migrates through the test area containing immobilized streptavidin.

Store as packaged in the sealed pouch at 4-30°C. The test device is stable through the expiration date printed on the sealed pouch. The test device must remain in the sealed pouch until use.
Do not freeze.


  • Test Device
  • Instruction manual
  • Dropper

-Open the foil pouch.
-Remove the Cardiac test device, and lay the device on a level surface.
-Label the device with the patient’s name or control number.
-Using a micropipette, add 2-3 drops or 60-90μL of serum or plasma specimen into the Sample well. Read the result in 15 minutes.


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