Test Tube Glass Disposable

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A wide range of laboratory applications call for disposable test tubes because of their adaptability. Glass or plastic tubes are offered in a variety of capacities and layouts with a flat or round bottom. In order to be used in sterile applications, some tubes may be autoclavable and come with caps for safe closure. For use in applications involving potent chemicals, Thermo ScientificTM SterilinTM Borosilicate Glass Culture Tubes offer chemical and temperature resistance.

These tubes are of the highest calibre, with solid, consistent bottoms and regular lengths. For ease of use on bench tops and in drawers, tubes are packaged in handy trays. The term “Durham tube” is frequently used to describe the 6 x 50 mm dimensions. To prevent breakage and contamination during transit, trays are shrink wrapped in plastic film with tubes staying in constant alignment.


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