Hot Water Bottle 2000ML



  • Standard Classic Hot Water Bag 2000 ML for Pain Relief-Multicolor
  • Treats muscular pain , back aches , muscle pull , arthritic , rheumatic pain , induces relaxation , releases stress instantly relieves joint pains , muscular cramps , menstrual pains & back aches.
  • Both side ribbed made from virgin rubber high quality hot water bag . Easy to clean and keep water hot for longer time.
  • Durable Quality with new leak proof technology.
  • Fill 2/3rd of the bottle and before tightening the stopper expel the excessive air. Make sure not to use the hot water bottle on the areas of the skin that are injured or bleeding.
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Used as a natural body warmer and also for heat therapy treatment. Useful in case of joint pains, muscular cramps, menstrual pains, muscle pull, stomach and back aches, arthritic and rheumatic pains, bed warmer, sports aches and pains.


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