Dengue Ns1/IgG/IgM Combo


The dengue combo test kit consists of two tests; one test for Dengue NS1 Ag in Serum/Plasma/ and the second for Dengue IgG/IgM in serum/plasma.

Dengue Ns1/IgG/IgM Combo

Dengue virus, a virus belonging to the Flavivirus group of viruses, is one of the most significant mosquito-borne diseases in the world in terms of morbidity and mortality. There are four known serotypes of dengue. Symptoms of dengue fever include high fever, headache, muscle pain, and skin rash.

The complications often associated with this infection are dengue hemorrhagic fever or dengue shock syndrome. The immune response to this virus includes the production of IgM antibodies by the 5th day of symptoms, which remain in the circulatory system for 30-60 days. IgG antibodies appear by the 14th day of infection and persist for life.
A secondary infection often results in high fever and, in many cases, initiates hemorrhagic events and circulatory failure. A secondary infection also induces an IgM antibody response after 20 days of infection and IgG antibodies to rise within 1-2 days after the onset of symptoms.

The Dengue IgG and IgM Combo Rapid Test is a qualitative test for the detection of IgG and IgM antibodies to the dengue virus in human serum plasma.
The test provides a differential detection of anti-dengue IgG and anti-dengue-IgM antibodies and can be used for the presumptive distinction between a primary and secondary dengue infection. Serum, plasma, and samples may be used with this test. This test is able to detect all 4 Dengue serotypes.

Test Device (NS1Ag and IgG/IgM Ab), Ag/Ab Buffer, Sample dropper for each test, and Instructions for Use.
⦁ For professional in vitro diagnostic use only. Do not use it after the expiration date.
⦁ Wear protective gloves while handling specimens and wash thoroughly afterward.
⦁ The device is sensitive to humidity as well as heat. Therefore take out the device from the sealed pouch before the test.
⦁ Do not mix reagents from different lot.
⦁ Dispose of all the samples and kits properly as per the instruction after the test in accordance with GLP.
⦁ Follow the testing procedure exactly as mentioned in the insert.

⦁ The kit can be stored at room temperature or refrigerated (2-30°C). The test device must remain in the sealed pouch until use. DO NOT FREEZE.
⦁ Do not use it beyond the expiration date.
⦁ Do not use the test kit, if the pouch is damaged or the seal is broken.



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