OEM & Exports

Recombigen Laboratories Pvt. Ltd., is One of India’s Leading manufacturer of Rapid Diagnostic Test Kits. We are supplying Pregnancy Test Kits on OEM to the Leading Brands of World. We will be happy to partner with you for all kinds of Rapid Test Kits & Reagents on OEM.

We can customize our products as per your requirement. Different products available for OEM Developments are as below:-

Our Products

  • Pregnancy Card
  • Pregnancy  Strip
  • Malaria Test Card
  • Dengue Test Card
  • Troponin I Test
  • Syphilis Card
  • Syphilis Strip
  • Typhoid  Test Card
  • Pregnancy Midstream Card
  • FSH Test Card- Clear Menopase
  • Zika lgG/lgM virus Antigen
  • Urisign Test  
  • All Chemical Chemistry Reagents